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High Intensity Resistance Training


At Concept 10 10, our aim is to redefine fitness and give you a workout routine that fits into any lifestyle. Concept 10 10 specializes in one-on-one, High-Intensity Resistance Training, more commonly known as H-I-R-T. The time spent training maximizes results with less time in the gym. During your first session, we explain the importance of recovery time, and we will show you why, with us, you will not need to spend countless hours every week in the gym. Since all personal training sessions are to be booked by appointment only, every time you come back the equipment will be set specifically for you before you arrive. One of our experienced personal trainers will assist you from start to finish each time you work out, and no one else will be present in the room during the session. We have clients of all ages and fitness levels, so no matter where you are in your fitness plan- from beginner to experienced- you will always have a unique and customized workout.

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-Concept 10 10’s scientific approach to fitness lies within our unique equipment, trained staff, and one of a kind concept.

-Concept 10 10’s approach is backed by years of research with amazing results.

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