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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Concept 10 10 a driver in upping golfers’ game skills


Concept 10 10 leads to heavy-hitting golfers

Heavy hitters: Concept 10 10 gets golfers hitting full-swing

Golf takes practice. It also takes strength. Golfers are learning that by committing to just 20 minutes each week at Concept 10 10 in North Naples they are driving their game skills to new heights. Moreover, they’re doing it in much less time than they’ve spent with even some top-notch golf trainers.

Eli Egozi of North Naples admits that given his time commitments on the golf course, at the driving range and with a golf trainer, it was the idea that he need only commit to 20 minutes a week at Concept 10 10 to gain optimal results in increasing his strength.

“That’s the only thing that brought me here. That’s why I came to try it even if I didn’t believe it at first,” Eli said as he prepared for his fifth session at Concept 10 10 recently.

It took his third training session at Concept 10 10 to make him a believer, he said.

“After the first session, I was still not completely convinced yet,


but I said “let’s give it a shot”.

It was precisely the shot he needed.

Eli takes lessons at one of the world’s best golf courses, Tiburon Golf Club in North Naples.  The Rick Smith Golf Academy there is top-rated.

“They always said the next step is to just get stronger.”

That Eli did with Concept 10 10.

“I was hitting an extra five yards here, 10 yards there. I feel… I know, I keep getting better,” Eli said.

The proven results are in the distance shots for Eli. But, the bonus is the decrease in fatigue during each round of golf.

Eli has a free gym to use in his gated community. It’s just not for him– the waiting for machines, other people’s sweat, risking injury and not pushing himself to do more each week the way the one-on-one trainers at Concept 10 10 do.

Eli Egozi sets up to begin with a back-strengthening move, the first of the six equipment stations at Concept 10 10, Naples


The short, 20-minute duration of the workout does not reflect the challenge, he said.

“Don’t try to play golf the same day you do this,” Eli said. “Your muscles are just not the same.”

Concept 10 10 licensing: Want to be a part of increasing other people’s game skills?

Learn about the possibilities and requirements for starting a Concept 10 10 by becoming a franchisee or licensee.

No specific background is needed to start a Concept 10 10 facility. A franchisee or licensee is chosen based on his or her personality and interest in the concept.  All the training and all the tools necessary to start and run the business will then be provided.  The training takes place in the Concept 10 10 Naples, Florida location and is done in approximately 10 days.  New franchisees from all over the world will come there to learn and practice.

The cost to start a Concept 10 10 can vary, but in general a minimum of $200,000 is needed. More information can be obtained by e-mailing

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