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Member: Concept 10 10 helps in injury recovery, provides efficient, effective fitness

Sandy Einck, 61, a member of Concept 10 10 headquartered in North Naples, found the safety of the one-on-one, personal, private training at Concept 10 10 to be just what she needed as she recovered from injuries. Also, she loved that she could get better results in the 20-minute, no-sweat workout than she could get from power walking for hours every week.

Sandy Einck, 61, used to walk four miles sopping in sweat from the South Florida heat every single day. Six months ago a friend suggested she try Concept 10 10.

What a difference, she exclaims.

Now she spends 20 minutes each week to get better full body results than she ever got power walking.

“I’m creating muscles I’ve never had before,” she said. “I’ve lost a couple inches too.”

It’s been six months since she started Concept 10 10 and she went from not being able to do a pushup after a surgery to being among the strongest members of any age at Concept 10 10 North Naples.

While some people are skeptical at the outset and it takes a session or a couple sessions to see results, Sandy had a different experience.

“First time I did it, I thought this is the ticket,” she said.

What convinced her?

“I mean I hurt. You know when you work to the point it hurts. You know you’re doing something good. It’s that good hurt,” said Sandy.

While Concept 10 10 doesn’t push or promote any particular eating style, the success Sandy experienced from the strength training is motivating her.

“This has given me the incentive to eat healthy,” she said, beaming and exuding a growing self-confidence.

Sandy Einck wasn’t paid to share her experience.

“I found something I love that changed my life. I want other people to experience that. I wish everyone would try it. Just give 20 minutes or so… I plan to do this the rest of my life.”


Concept 10 10 is located in several countries around the world. There is currently a Concept 10 10 in North Naples, which is the world head quarters, and there is a Concept 10 10 opening in downtown Naplesas well as one in Estero.

Concept 10 10 has now released the opportunity to establish a franchise/license in Fort Myers.

It is an excellent business opportunity that doesn’t require any special background as we supply complete training and set up. Part time or absentee ownership is also possible. The Fort Myers location will greatly benefit from all the Naples activities with 3 units soon in operation.

Interested in running a business that adds to health and quality of life? Find out more here and contact us at

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