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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Thomas E. (Ted) Dreisinger, PhD
U.S. Spine & Sport Foundation

Dr. Dreisinger is Research Coordinator for U.S. Spine & Sport Foundation. Prior to this, he was Vice President of Outcomes Management for Integrated Pain Solutions, a company dedicated to the management of individuals suffering from pain. Dr. Dreisinger was Director of Research and Development for Dynamic Rehabilitation of Detroit, Michigan. He was a founder and managing partner of Progressive Spine Care and Rehabilitation, a fully computer-automated spine clinic, in Columbia, Missouri. He developed a successful upper extremity injury prevention program for Tyson Foods, Justine Industries and MagTek in the 1990s virtually eliminating carpal tunnel surgeries for those participating in his programs. Subsequent to this, he was Vice President of Prevention First, a venture funded company dedicated to the prevention of spinal injuries in industry. Clients included United Airlines, Northwest Airlines and 3M.

Dr. Dreisinger’s background spans 30 years of clinical experience in rehabilitation, orthopedics and physical medicine. He has taught at the university level, and presented a number of scientific papers both in the United States and Abroad. He has published articles in numerous biomedical journals including Spine, Orthopedics, Journal of Rheumatology, Sports Medicine, Paraplegia, and the Journal of Cardiac Rehabilitation. Dr. Dreisinger is a fellow in the North American Spine Society, the American Back Society, and the American College of Sports Medicine. He co-chairs the Task Force on Exercise for the North American Spine Society, is past chairman of the Practice Board for Clinical Exercise Physiology of the American College of Sports Medicine, and past chairman of the Board of Directors of the McKenzie Institute – USA, an organization whose mission is the non-operative management of individuals with back pain. He is past chair of the Research Committee of the McKenzie Institute International, current Chair of the International Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy Research Foundation, and Secretary for the American Back Society.


Ole Nielsen

Doctor of medical science
Vascular surgeon
Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr. Robert G. Riebesell

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