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Testimonial – Robert G. Riebesell

Dr. Robert G. Riebesell,

Dr. Robert Riebesell, often called Dr. Bob by his clients, has almost 30 years of experience as a chiropractor. He gets his exercise each week at Concept 10 10 and refers his patients there.
“Back pain is a common complaint of the masses. Chiropractors, somewhat ironically, also often suffer lower back pain as an occupational hazard of stooping over their patients for hours each day,” Riebesell said.
Add in the fact that Dr. Bob’s schedule is jam-packed, making Concept 1010 the perfect answer for him personally.
Professionally, Dr. Bob says Concept 10 10 offers two machines—one for the lower back and one for the neck—that target common areas of weakness that bring clients into his office. The entire Concept 10 10 workout is somewhat unique, but as Dr. Bob points out, for chiropractic purposes, these two machines, are particularly unique for strengthening areas that are vulnerable to strain


Little things to big things, Concept 10 10 makes travel, life easier

Susan Kniffen on the Concept 10 10 abdominal machine

Susan Kniffen started working out at Concept 10 10 in May, not long after she first read about the unique program in è Bella magazine.
“I was interested in the concept of it all,” Susan said.
The former Upstate New York resident decided to visit the North Naples fitness center for a free one-session trial.
“I was very impressed with the whole setup,” Susan said. “I was attracted to the cleanliness. It wasn’t anything like a gym. I don’t like gyms,” she said.
While the first session led to her purchasing more sessions, which never expire and require no contract, she said it took a couple more workouts to see just how beneficial it was.
“For me, working out isn’t a social thing. It’s something I need to accomplish,” Susan said.
“I want to maintain my physique somewhat– no, a lot,” said the 56-year-old.

Susan Kniffen

Susan Kniffen adds weight training to her workouts for the first time in life, including here on the ab machine at Concept 10 10 in Naples

She knew weight training should have always been a component of her fitness regimen, but until Concept 10 10, that was an area of physical fitness she lacked.
“I would not do this in a gym and that’s the only other place I’d likely be around weight training,” Susan said. Previously, she took swim and aerobic or dance-type exercise classes.
“The time commitment to this is key,” she said of the 20-minute, once-a-week session. “It’s intense, but very brief.”
Muscle tone became visible in fewer than five sessions, with exceptional results now that she’s more than six months into doing Concept 10 10, Susan said.
“My legs, arms, torso, my abs,” she says with her eyes widening. “I haven’t been able to do that as quickly with any other measures,” Susan said.
While big muscles groups are an obvious bonus, Susan says it’s the little things that also improved with Concept 10 10. Listen to Susan’s story on how Concept 10 10 affected her travels and other areas of life here. Susan Kniffen: “The little things can make a big difference”

Concept 10 10 can be your business with a franchise or license.
People from around the world would like a Concept 10 10 center in their area. Some of these people want it nearby so they can get a weekly training session. Others want to learn about the possibilities and requirements for starting their own facility by becoming a franchisee or licensee of Concept 10 10.

No specific background is needed to start a Concept 10 10 facility. A franchisee or licensee is chosen based on his or her personality and interest in the concept. All the training and all the tools necessary to start and run the business will then be provided. The training takes place in the Concept 10 10 facility in Naples, Florida.  New franchisees from all over the world will come there to learn and practice.

The cost to start a Concept 10 10 facility can vary, but in general a minimum of $200,000 is needed. More information can be obtained by e-mailing

Concept 10 10 a driver in upping golfers’ game skills


Concept 10 10 leads to heavy-hitting golfers

Heavy hitters: Concept 10 10 gets golfers hitting full-swing

Golf takes practice. It also takes strength. Golfers are learning that by committing to just 20 minutes each week at Concept 10 10 in North Naples they are driving their game skills to new heights. Moreover, they’re doing it in much less time than they’ve spent with even some top-notch golf trainers.

Eli Egozi of North Naples admits that given his time commitments on the golf course, at the driving range and with a golf trainer, it was the idea that he need only commit to 20 minutes a week at Concept 10 10 to gain optimal results in increasing his strength.

“That’s the only thing that brought me here. That’s why I came to try it even if I didn’t believe it at first,” Eli said as he prepared for his fifth session at Concept 10 10 recently.

It took his third training session at Concept 10 10 to make him a believer, he said.

“After the first session, I was still not completely convinced yet,


but I said “let’s give it a shot”.

It was precisely the shot he needed.

Eli takes lessons at one of the world’s best golf courses, Tiburon Golf Club in North Naples.  The Rick Smith Golf Academy there is top-rated.

“They always said the next step is to just get stronger.”

That Eli did with Concept 10 10.

“I was hitting an extra five yards here, 10 yards there. I feel… I know, I keep getting better,” Eli said.

The proven results are in the distance shots for Eli. But, the bonus is the decrease in fatigue during each round of golf.

Eli has a free gym to use in his gated community. It’s just not for him– the waiting for machines, other people’s sweat, risking injury and not pushing himself to do more each week the way the one-on-one trainers at Concept 10 10 do.

Eli Egozi sets up to begin with a back-strengthening move, the first of the six equipment stations at Concept 10 10, Naples


The short, 20-minute duration of the workout does not reflect the challenge, he said.

“Don’t try to play golf the same day you do this,” Eli said. “Your muscles are just not the same.”

Concept 10 10 licensing: Want to be a part of increasing other people’s game skills?

Learn about the possibilities and requirements for starting a Concept 10 10 by becoming a franchisee or licensee.

No specific background is needed to start a Concept 10 10 facility. A franchisee or licensee is chosen based on his or her personality and interest in the concept.  All the training and all the tools necessary to start and run the business will then be provided.  The training takes place in the Concept 10 10 Naples, Florida location and is done in approximately 10 days.  New franchisees from all over the world will come there to learn and practice.

The cost to start a Concept 10 10 can vary, but in general a minimum of $200,000 is needed. More information can be obtained by e-mailing

Prevent unwanted weight gain and pain during pregnancy with Concept 10 10

It’s not only OK to remain physically fit during pregnancy it’s necessary for the health of mom and baby.
Concept 10 10 provides all the benefits of working out during pregnancy without any of the risks, said Jorgen Albrechtsen, founder and developer of Concept 10 10.

Andrea Compton stays fit

Keeping fit with children and while pregnant

A baby’s growth puts pressure on the mother’s hips, butt and back. When you exercise at Concept 10 10 during pregnancy, you improve your posture and get your back, hip, and butt muscles in shape, thus reducing back pain.
Naples resident, Andrea Compton can attest to this.  The 30 year old mom is about 8 months pregnant with her second son.  Her first pregnancy came with intense, nearly constant back pain.  Trying to avoid pain again, Andrea signed up at Concept 10 10 about 6 months ago, and is now experiencing the benefits not only of building visible muscle tone, but also decreasing back pain. “I can only attribute it to Concept 10 10,” she said. Working full time and being mom to Preston, (1 year old), Andrea is pressed for time, with Concept 10 10’s 20 minutes per week, Andrea finds it easy to fit into her schedule.
Is that short time frame a cop out for a pregnant woman. No way! It’s what all clients do to stay in optimal shape and, due to Concept 10 10’s intensity, it’s plenty.


Unlike Andrea, it’s not uncommon for pregnant women to fear injury from working out. She knows now that Concept 10 10 provides the optimal environment for expectant mothers looking to get in shape and stay in shape because of a personal, one-on-one trainer who is always present to monitor proper movement. This ensures that all exercises are slow and controlled while foregoing the impact or contact of many other sports and activities.
“Not only does Concept 10 10 present no risk of injury, it prevents risk of injury”, Jorgen said.
Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on the body, including carrying extra weight 24/7. A lot of women get permanent damage, such as varicose veins, because they are not strong enough to deal with it. Exercise prevents this.
“The worst thing you could do is do nothing thinking it’s protecting the fetus.” Jorgen said.
“You may shun away from normal sports to avoid risk of injury, but here at Concept 10 10 there is absolutely no risk of injury.”
Unlike tennis or any higher impact sport, Concept 10 10 is safe because there is no contact.
Due to the personal trainer, you won’t be left vulnerable to move in a way that could cause injury to yourself or the unborn baby.
There’s also a big difference between high-intensity and high-impact. Concept 10 10 is high-intensity, but minimal to no impact.
The benefits include an increased ease in getting back to pre-pregnancy weight and shape, particularly due to factors such as boosting the metabolism.

Regular exercise minimizes the likelihood of gaining too much weight during pregnancy, often reduces the duration of labor and frequently leads to a leaner healthy birth weight for the baby.
Pregnant women can keep up with their non-pregnant peers despite what their bodies are going through. There is only one machine that most pregnant women will find they can no longer use during the latter part of their pregnancy. The abdominal machine won’t be used about half-way into most pregnancies, Jorgen said.  Please consult your doctor prior to engaging in any fitness routine.


Dr. Robert G. Riebesell

Dr. Robert Riebesell, often called Dr. Bob by his clients, has about 30 years of experience…(more…)

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