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Optimal Training – Milwaukee Concept 10 10

maile-tainee-female-instructorOptimal Training

Leanness & fat loss:
From around the age of 30, everyone will lose muscle tissue each year. Besides the fact that the body therefore becomes weaker and problems occur, it also means that the body burns fewer calories, resulting in more accumulated fat.

Loss of muscle tissue is one of the most important reasons for the increase of body fat, because muscles burn calories 24 hours a day, even when they are resting. Concept 10 10 training combined with a balanced caloric intake is a sure way to permanent fat loss and a slimmer and better functioning body.

Lower back pain:
The scientific research on which Concept 10 10 is based has clearly shown that the training is uniquely beneficial to most forms of back pain. The equipment, which is the only one of its kind, isolates and directly works the lumbar muscles. It is exactly the weakness in these muscles which is the cause of most lower back pain.

For athletes too:
Concept 10 10 training is highly beneficial to all athletes as well, since it will generally improve the results in any sports activity. At the same time, it will minimize the risk of injuries as you strengthen the bones, joints and surrounding muscles.

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